Prodir took the prestigious Promotional Gift Award 2020

Prodir gewinnt den Promotional Gift Award 2020 für den QS 40 Air

We are absolutely delighted that Prodir – once again – took the prestigious Promotional Gift Award 2020, acknowledging the all-new, feather-light QS40 Air. The coveted award is the Oscar of the industry.

Apart from the unique, perforated honeycomb structure that resembles leading-edge architectural elements, the very special aspect of “Air“ – as the writing instrument is dubbed in-house at Prodir – is the manufacturing process behind the product.

The QS40 Air takes up to 60 % less plastic to produce compared with other models, whereby 30% is recycled from the company’s own recycling waste.

So the elegance of the all-new “Air“ is not only matched by its especially light-handed writing performance, but also underlined by its leading-edge, environmentally compatible, sustainable production.

In addition to the news item announcing the prestigious Promotional Gift Award, Baker & Company naturally translated the latest edition of Prodir‘s OPEN magazine.

This especially exciting edition is dedicated to the topic of EXTREMES, highlighting people, places – and Prodir products – that embody extremes.

Baker & Company has been translating the customer magazine of the multi-award winning Swiss manufacturer of writing instruments Prodir for more than 15 years.

Since 2017 the magazine has been going by the name of OPEN and is naturally also available as a blog.

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