Translate website - voice-over - subtitling services

Globalization, digitalization, Industry 4.0 — these worldwide developments are having a far-reaching impact on all our daily working lives. Companies are interacting more quickly, comprehensively, and over greater distances than ever before. These challenges call for a great deal of linguistic expertise and efficient processes to reduce the increasing complexity of multi-language communication at every level. Baker & Company is the ideal partner to support you in implementing every language-related aspect of your globalization and digitalization strategy.

Are you considering establishing your own in-house language department? If so, we will be pleased to help you in assessing suitable translators. We can provide you with sound advice when introducing and optimizing language-related processes or selecting suitable technologies to integrate these processes in your company’s platforms. We can also be very helpful when it comes to sustainably refreshing your employees’ language knowledge and skills.


We also gladly partner you when it comes to interpreting the spoken word. Baker & Company can provide you with competent, flexible support across the entire range of interpreting skills, whether consecutive, simultaneous, or whispered interpreting, also known as “chuchotage”.

And if you need to plan an event or find a suitable conference hotel, just contact us – we are always ready to assist you. Our experienced team knows exactly how to help you bring your project to a successful conclusion.


The number of moving images online is growing rapidly. Videos are either replacing or supplementing face-to-face training courses in many companies, providing consumers with a source of information or instructions for use. Videos are also being increasingly used in the worlds of science and education.

Baker & Company can help you implement your video projects with language services that include voice-over, subtitling, audio dubbing and graphic texts. Take advantage of our broad experience in this field and our extensive network of music designers, film and sound studios.


In many companies that have grown organically, translation projects are often awarded directly by individual departments in an uncoordinated way. Sooner or later, the time comes when a more effective process is called for, which can be applied equally for all translations.

Does it make more sense to establish an in-house language services department, or is it more advisable to engage an external service provider for the task?  We will be pleased to advise you on how a solution tailored to suit your requirements could look – a solution guaranteed to reduce workflow complexity, ensuring higher content quality, greater coherence, and a maximum of cost efficiency.


The digital revolution has long since led to changes in the world of translation. The use of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools makes for improved terminology consistency, better quality and higher output. There are a relatively large number of software solutions on the market. But what are the strengths and weaknesses of these various applications and which of them best serves your needs?

We use these tools on a daily basis and are well acquainted with their various strengths and weaknesses. We will be glad to share our knowledge and provide you with tips and suggestions that help you make the right decision. We can also help you integrate the application in the digital communication platforms of your company.

Translating websites and multilinguales content management

Particularly in larger companies, translation projects like websites, videos,
publicity material or manuals frequently involve multiples of languages and as many as five, ten, twenty, or sometimes even more target languages may be required. In these situations, an intelligent concept is called for that directly links your content management system with the CAT tool. Furthermore, it helps avoid redundant translation content. The traditional method of translating texts into other languages, i.e. exporting files, translating them and reimporting them – soon becomes too prone to error and unnecessarily complicated. We have the right solutions and will be pleased to present them to you.


“As specialists in translation and interpreting as well as highly skilled spoken and written language processing, I have known Baker & Harrison for 25 years through my own activities as a translator. The ComuniCa Becel/Kasten translation agency, which specialized in French technical texts and in which I was a partner, preferred to cooperate with Baker & Harrison as its partner of choice where high quality was an imperative.The professionalism displayed by Baker & Harrison in executing orders is evident in particular in their ability to deploy precisely the right specialist or specialists to handle the varied range of material offered for translation, from technical texts and operating instructions via company reports and balance sheets through to marketing texts and advertisements, and the detailed care they take in serving the customer from receipt of order through to final proof reading. The same applies in the provision of interpreters.In July 2015 DIHA, the German Association of Trade and Industry in Albania organized a high-profile conference to be attended and addressed by the German Federal Chancellor, and for which interpreting services were required. Once again, despite the late stage at which the order could be placed on account of the diversity of sponsors and clients, Baker & Harrison was the only port of call for DIHA that could meet the requirements for high-quality interpreters and professional service.We were very satisfied with the results and have no hesitation in recommending Baker & Harrison as a first-class provider of translation and interpreting as well as spoken and written language processing."

- Anette Kasten, Managing Director, DIHA