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Scientific texts often contain complex results from research projects, analyses and studies. When translating these, it is crucial that the scientific content is correctly and coherently expressed in the target language, at the same time ensuring that the reference to the current state of research and publication is terminologically congruent and comprehensible. The translation of scientific texts is both linguistically and intellectually highly challenging and calls for a language specialist exceptionally competent in all related fields.

Our international network of scientists and experts ensures that even the most complex of scientific studies is translated in keeping with the state of knowledge of both the author and the target group. For each project, we put together a team of expert translators and editors based on the desired language combination and the level of professional knowledge required.

The professional translation of advanced scientific texts is one of our core competences and reflects the origin of our company. It demands our entire know-how and is based on many years of successful cooperation with numerous esteemed partners from the worlds of science and education.

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“PR&D – Public Relations for Research & Education is Austria’s international agency specializing in media activities in innovative areas of industry, research & development and the tertiary education sector. With our years of involvement, experience and specialist training, PR&D is particularly skilled in communicating information from the field of R&D. Thanks to our competence in innovation and communication and our excellent network – comprising over 9,000 direct and indirect contacts with journalists in the mainstream and specialist media and extensive connections with decision-makers in Austrian politics, business and the innovation community – PR&D links the scientific community with the relevant dialog partners in the field of science communication.Since 2010 PR&D has been making use of the translation services of Baker & Harrison – primarily for weekly translations into English of the press releases issued by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. Their translations of these scientifically complex and wide-ranging texts have at all times been notable both for the accuracy of language and content as well as for the idiomatic style and format. To date Baker & Harrison have translated almost 100 FWF press releases, each of which has been reviewed by three parties (PR&D, project manager, FWF) and on each occasion received the approval of all concerned. Baker & Harrison are also highly professional and reliable in implementing projects. Availability is absolute, even outside of regular hours, deadlines are always met and often bettered, while customer communications are distinguished by their courtesy and attention. Baker & Harrison is the fifth translation agency to have been used by PR&D in 15 years. None of the previous agencies were able to guarantee the combination of flawless translations and maximum reliability offered by Baker & Harrison over such a long period of time. We have no hesitation in recommending Baker & Harrison and we do so wholeheartedly.”

- Dr. Till C. Jelitto MBA, Managing Partner, PR&D