Professional translation services

The core business of Baker & Company is to provide customers with the high-quality professional translation and editing of sophisticated texts in any language. Firmly based on our wealth of experience, we also offer you an array of supplementary language-related services. In addition to interpreting, language training, sub-titling and voice-over recording, we are also there to advise and assist to coordinate and optimize your in-house handling of large volumes of translated texts for various departments.

Specialized translations in all languages

We have a pool of highly qualified translators and experienced editors who collaborate closely in dedicated teams especially put together for each individual project, enabling us to guarantee outstanding quality for every order. We find the ideal words to appeal to your target group, which means that our translators and editors are, of course, all native speakers of the target language.



Language Design


Additional language services

In these fast-moving times, megatrends such as globalization and digitalization have meant that not only the language skills of employees, but also the technology-based management of multilingualism are becoming increasingly important for many companies and organizations. We have both the knowledge and the experience needed to help you assess and implement genuine solutions in a spirit of true partnership.


We provide you with experienced, highly qualified translators and editors in each of our fields of expertise and for all of our key services. Apart from a degree in higher education, many of our people have gained additional qualifications to bolster their skills – such as practical experience in the worlds of industry, research and journalism. An international network of scientists and experts is on hand to ensure that even the most challenging of texts are translated on a par with the standard of knowledge of both the author and the target group. For each individual project, we put together a team of specialists based on the language combination and the level of expert knowledge required. In order to guarantee excellent quality, the language professionals at Baker & Company translate and edit exclusively in their native languages.








What our customers have to say

"censhare is the integrated software solution that enables companies to manage their entire communication, integrate all types of information, optimize all measures involved and enthuse their target groups by way of digital and analog touchpoints. Connecting people with contents and processes in an innovative manner, censhare stands for intelligent business communication.With headquarters in Munich and representations in Freiburg, London, Zurich, Gurgaon in India and Los Angeles, censhare AG currently employs 170 staff. More than 200 national and international media companies, financial services providers, agencies and enterprises in the industrial and commercial sectors rely on integrated communications supported by Censhare.Baker & Harrison assist us across the entire range of business communications, from our website, press releases, speeches and presentations through to interpreting at international conferences and customer receptions. As well as this, they also handle all technical texts and materials such as white papers, strategy papers, documentation and contracts for us. What makes Baker & Harrison stand out is the speed of their response, their flexibility, reliability and the high quality of their services.Over the years we have come to know Baker & Harrison as a highly flexible, efficient and dependable partner whom we appreciate not just for their outstanding quality but above all for their personal service and their straightforward approach. I have been working for over 20 years at various companies and on various projects with Christopher Baker. Baker & Harrison have served censhare AG since the company was first founded and has supported our successful growth. Baker & Harrison are and remain our partner of choice for all localization duties, and we look forward to working with them as we continue our international expansion.”

- Dieter Reichert, CEO, Censhare AG