Translations for Multi Channel Marketing

Convincing brand messages call for an individual language as distinctive as the brand itself. We have the experience and the flair for the right wording, which is key to presenting the specific value of a brand and its products in a coherent, authentic way in all types of media, as trust and confidence are the rare qualities that can make a brand incredibly successful.

In this process, language- and country-specific communication habits need to be taken into account – whether on websites, in social media, in catalogs or in the after sales field. Our vast experience in localization enables us to help your SEO experts extend your global reach. With its linguistic expertise and technical solutions, Baker & Company boosts the efficiency of your advertising, communication and sales channels.


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“In the field of corporate publishing, Schau Verlag has for years ranked as a first-class name to remember, producing employee and customer magazines for a series of international groups: High-quality journals which are distinguished by their informative, well researched journalism and their excellent graphic design, and which convey their respective corporate values with emotion. Baker & Harrison has been collaborating successfully with Schau Verlag since 2008, handling various translation tasks that include two of these magazines. For the employee and customer magazine CU penned by Aurubis AG, Europe’s largest producer of copper and the world No. 1 in copper recycling, Baker & Harrison provides translations into the Group languages Bulgarian, French, English, Flemish, Finnish, Swedish and Italian – ensuring that the high quality of both the language and content of CU is maintained through the Group. The employees and customers of Aurubis AG can look forward to reading about important events throughout the Group four times each year in their own language.Salzgitter AG, as befits its heritage as one of Europe’s leading steel and technology groups, also produces a sophisticated magazine for its employees, shareholders, customers and partners: STIL makes full use of diverse content and an unusual presentational style to showcase the versatility of steel as a material and the associated technologies – and in so doing underscores the competence of Salzgitter AG. Baker & Harrison has for many years been translating these exciting reports and background articles into English. “The translations supplied by Baker & Harrison for the employee magazines produced by our DAX- and MDAX-listed customers Salzgitter AG and Aurubis AG always read with the same flair as the original. Linguistic sensitivity and a deep understanding of the content are deployed here to translate even complex subjects neatly into the target language. These are the kind of translations that Corporate Publishing at this level of good journalism deserves, which is why we have been cooperating successfully with Baker & Harrison for many years.”

Dr. Martin Schau, Managing Director, Schau Verlag