Legal translations

Legal translations

The broad field of legal translation is one of the most challenging facing the translator. From the drafting of legislation to the interpretation of the law, every country – every language – has its own conventions and often unique terminology. Accuracy is essential, and yet each translation must be rendered in a form which must be familiar as well as clearly comprehensible to the intended reader. Our translators have not only a profound knowledge of the legal usages in both source and target language, but also the skill to reproduce these usages appropriately.

Whether your needs lie in national or international corporate, contract, patent or employment law, in family or inheritance law, in maritime law or any other aspect of legal expertise, our well-versed translators offer a prompt and proficient service. With an emphasis on topicality, we have supported numerous customers in implementing the new General Data Protection Regulation. And naturally, any team members who work with confidential information are professionally obligated to maintain secrecy.


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