Celebrating 10 years of Design Office


Celebrating a decade of New Work – this was the title chosen by Munich-based communications agency brand.david for its report on the exuberant anniversary festivities celebrated by its customer Design Office in May this year. Appropriately enough, the celebration took place in Design Office’s latest sensational event space, the Atlas Building in Munich. And the market leaders had indeed good cause to celebrate, after a decade of serving top-class clients with innovation and flexibility. Their unique attitude and style in areas ranging from equipment and facilities to event hosting and sophisticated catering marks them out. This successful combination has enabled Design Office to prevail over the competition in the hard-fought market for modern office, co-working and customized work and event space rentals. With a nationwide presence including all important economic centers, Design Office always offers top locations in the finest urban settings.

Baker & Company was particularly pleased on behalf of our long-standing customer brand.david to have the opportunity to translate the anniversary issue of the DO Magazin and in so doing contribute towards the success of this festive occasion.

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