The trade association Verband des Groß- und Außenhandels für Krankenpflege- und Laborbedarf, or VGKL, represents around 140 companies in the laboratory sector and is itself a member of the national wholesalers’ federation Bundesverband Großhandel, Außenhandel, Dienstleistungen e. V. (BGA), based in Berlin.
The headquarters of the VGKL are located, appropriately enough, on the premises of the BGA in the Trade – Services – Tourism Federation Building, not just in the heart of Berlin, but at the heart of the political scene.
The VGKL upholds the interests of the laboratory sector and combines an outlook on the future with an awareness of tradition. The membership of the VGKL is comprised of established small- and medium-sized enterprises which successfully offer innovative products and solutions for laboratory users on a regional, national and international scale.
Baker & Company has provided the VGKL with language support in updating the content of its website, where our German to English translations of the new material exactly matched the tonality of the existing content.