Finance, business and law

Finance, business and law

These professional fields are characterized by highly complex, multifaceted and challenging overall structures – not only in terms of language. The strict regulatory environment governing them makes for a great deal of additional complexity – particularly when it comes to the compliance aspects.

Our teams of experts in the financial and business sectors are well aware of how important it is to keep abreast with the latest changes and amendments. The profound knowledge of these individuals enables Baker & Company to deliver time-sensitive content on subjects such as mergers and acquisitions, analysts’ coverage, and periodical corporate and management reports – both reliably and on schedule.

Our range of services also includes the proficient translation of legal documents. Any team members who work with confidential information are professionally obligated to maintain secrecy.


Annual reports, quarterly reports, annual auditsAnalyst coverageInvestor relationsHR managementBusiness plansCompliance and taxLegal and patent law


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“Tradition-steeped, today’s Salzgitter AG is one of Europe’s leading steel and technology groups – an innovative manufacturer of steel and special-purpose machinery with a global workforce of over 25,000 employed at almost 200 subsidiary and associate companies. Underpinning this success is the policy of highly professional communication pursued by this DAX-listed company in language with which employees, partners, customer and shareholders are equally comfortable.Baker & Harrison have been supporting Salzgitter AG since 2001 on its path to growth, and provide services to various departments including Investor Relations. So we ourselves feel just a little proud that in past years these Investor Relations activities have frequently been very highly rated, while the Annual Report for 2008 which we translated won the Red Dot Award.We also handle communications for the Salzgitter Group as a whole, however, translating press releases, advertizing and trade fair materials, product and technology descriptions, as well as sensitive internal material. The requirements differ widely: Publications issued by Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH, the Group’s own research company, demand specific technical knowledge and maximum precision, whereas the sustainability report must comply with all of the relevant standards. And naturally, the articles and reports appearing in the employee and customer magazine STIL must be both exciting, entertaining and stylistically engaging to the reader, while at the same time communicating corporate values – regardless of language. But after so many years of close cooperation, that is not a problem for us: We long since also speak fluent “Salzgitterish”.