Baker & Company welcomes the VGKL

Der Verband des Groß- und Außenhandels für Krankenpflege- und Laborbedarf, kurz VGKL vertritt rund 140 Unternehmen aus der Laborbranche und ist als Fachverband Mitglied im Bundesverband Großhandel, Außenhandel, Dienstleistungen e. V. (BGA).

Der Sitz des VGKL ist passenderweise auch in der Geschäftsstelle des BGA im Verbändehaus „Handel – Dienstleistungen – Tourismus“ und damit nicht nur im Herzen von Berlin, sondern auch nah am politischen Puls der Zeit.

Der VGKL setzt sich für die Interessen in der Laborbranche ein und kombiniert dabei den Blick in die Zukunft mit Traditionsbewusstsein. Mit hoch innovativen Produkten und Lösungen für das Labor sind die Mitglieder des VGKL etablierte kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen die regional, national und international erfolgreich tätig sind.

Baker & Company hat für den VGKL das inhaltliche Update der VGKL Website sprachlich begleitet und vom Deutschen in das Englische punktgenau passend zur Tonalität der schon bestehenden Inhalte übersetzt.

Customer magazine “Insurance” published by Hoesch & Partner

Fachlektorate zählen bei Baker & Company zu einem unserer Hauptkompetenzfelder. Um höchste Qualität zu garantieren, übersetzen und lektorieren die Übersetzer bei Baker & Company grundsätzlich in ihrer Muttersprache. 

Umso mehr freut uns das sich Baker & Company erstmalig für das Lektorat des renommierten Kundenmagazines „Insurance“ der Hoesch & Partner GmbH, das mit über 80 Seiten Infotainment und einer avisierten Print-Auflage von 50.000 Exemplaren zu den umfangreichsten und auflagenstärksten Blättern der Versicherungsbranche verantwortlich zeichnete. Anlass war der Relaunch zum 35. Jubiläumsjahr des renommierten Versicherungshauses. Durch weitere Dienstleistungen unterschiedlichster Volumina, wie zum Beispiel hochwertige Übersetzungen, hat sich Baker & Company einen Namen im Haus der Hoesch & Partner GmbH gemacht und gehört zum festen Ensemble der externen Partner des Traditionshauses.

Thank you for an exciting year in 2018

To our new customers as well as to our many longstanding clients who have accompanied us on our journey through 2018, we would just like to say thank you for an exciting year. We are especially grateful for the trust you placed in us and for the many exhilarating challenges that came our way.
Our website now includes an introduction to the core team at our Munich office (visit hier klicken, then scroll down). By popular request, we have posted a group photo including our new CCO (Chief Canine Officer) – our Doberman Chiara Bella.
She likes to see that all is running smoothly in the office, and also ensure that sufficient walks are taken in the fresh air – a not unimportant consideration for all of us who are dedicated to serving our customers.
We wish all our customers and business partners an enjoyable New Year, whether quiet or quite the opposite, according to your taste, and we look forward to the coming year 2019.

May this year bring us all peace, strength, enlightenment and warmth.

Christopher Baker & Team

PRODIR - Swissness Sustainability Quality Design

Baker & Harrison translated the customer magazine produced by the renowned Swiss manufacturer of writing instruments Prodir from the first issue to the last. “Pending” was published twice each year in German and in English with an overall circulation of 32,000 copies. Like the Swiss writing instruments themselves, the magazine told stories - fresh, surprising and creative. The focus was not so much on Prodir and the advertising industry: instead it specialized in tales worth reading, stories told from an unusual standpoint. It was a source of particular pleasure for us that “Pending” also garnered multiple awards. Having won the “BCP - Best of Corporate Publishing” gold award in 2007, the magazine then received the 2008 “Econ Award for Corporate Communication” in silver (Best Magazine).

After a few years intermission, so to speak, Pending has now been superseded by the innovative Open magazine, translated by Baker & Company since 2017, marking the continuation of our cooperation spanning some 15 years or more …
Open impresses with its original take of our times – Zeitgeist – and is also available as a blog. Go ahead and take a look!

For more information visit:

“We’re right on top”

The Bergwelt to us is more than just a name. It stands for an approach to life that is dear to our hearts. Be well. The Falkner family

Just in time for the opening of the ski slopes and the start of the winter season in Obergurgl, the Isarnauten Agentur has just relaunched the website of the 4*Star Hotel Bergwelt Obergurgl in Tyrol. The Hotel Bergwelt – the ski and wellness hotel in Obergurgl – is a family business with the third generation now in charge, still noted for the individual care we lavish on our guests and always happy to accommodate their desires. Located directly beside the piste, with a wide choice of comfortable rooms and suites and a fabulous luxury spa, the hotel is known for its unique atmosphere.  Our guests include sports and fitness enthusiasts, families with children and those in search of wellbeing – as widely as their desires and aspirations may vary, we remain dedicated meeting their individual needs.

At Baker & Company we too value and appreciate the diversity of our sophisticated clientele. A focus on pinpoint individual customer care and consistent high quality are as natural to us as to the Hotel Bergwelt.  With this parallel in mind, it has given us immense pleasure to translate the website of this exceptional establishment! Quite apart from our fondness for long walks in the mountains.

We would like to thank Isarnauten Branding & Digital Agentur for this assignment!


In safe hands

Your assignments and content are in safe hands here at Baker & Company. 
Because we take IT security very seriously. 
That is why we are taking part in the SIWECOS project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. 
SIWECOS stands for “Secure Website and Content Management Systems” and is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) recognize and eliminate security loopholes in their websites. 
Participating website operators are certified by SIWECOS, confirming their participation in the project. Registered websites are checked daily by the project’s website scanner. 
The goal of SIWECOS is to enhance website security for small and medium-sized enterprises in the long term and stimulate an awareness of the relevance of IT security.

The Harrison in Baker is now Company

After 30 years on the market, we have now changed the name of our company — from “Baker & Harrison” to “Baker & Company”. However, the essential qualities that have always been our hallmarks remain unchanged – profound expert knowledge, exceptional linguistic intuition, technical sophistication, and collaborative thinking. The difference is that now we are combining our wealth of experience and customized service with an additional focus on the technical and linguistic requirements of the digital revolution and future topics such as Industry 4.0.

Welcome, Keith!

Keith Kelly now manages our translation projects in his capacity as Project and Key Account Manager, and he is personally at your disposal to provide hands-on support. Keith, who is bilingual, first trained as a state-qualified translator and interpreter at Munich’s municipal foreign languages institute, the Fremdspracheninstitut der Landeshauptstadt München, before going on to earn a Master’s degree in Specialised Translation at the University of Westminster in London.

New language services

The linguistic demands facing business undertakings and institutions in an increasingly globalized world are growing steadily more complex, and at the same time more relevant to success. As experienced translation specialists we have therefore developed our service portfolio accordingly. We now offer interpreting and language training, as well as providing our customers with individual advice on the cost-efficient optimization of technical and organizational processes in the field of translation data management.

History of Science

Hub of Nobel Laureates is the title of a book by Susanne Kiewitz which describes the history of the Harnack House in Berlin.  The book charts the changes that have taken place in what is now the conference center of the Max Planck Society and includes biographical sketches that bring these vividly to life. The result is a successful combination of institutional and contemporary history as well as proof of the fertile effects of international interchange and cooperation.  It was an intellectual pleasure for us to have the opportunity to translate this publication – and in so doing make our own small contribution to the German-English linguistic exchange. The book was published in November 2016 by Jaron Verlag Berlin.